The Modules shown online reflect the content we've completely finished creating, but at any given time, we have several modules in development. If your topic isn't shown, just ask - we surely have some content ready to go.


2. What is the organizer responsible for? What does SciCATS provide?

As an organizer, your job is to handle all the logistics of the event - finding and booking a room with the necessary A/V, advertising the event, registering attendees, hosting the event on the day, etc... SciCATS will provide a fun, interactive learning experience - we'll come armed with laptops, slides, any supplies we'll need, and positive cattitudes! Attendees will have access to all the workshop materials after the fact via this website and our Slideshare page.


3. How much does it cost?

We're currently in our soft launch phase, so there are deals to be had! Workshop pricing depends on the location and duration of the session and the number/seniority of facilitators requested - all facilitators receive a small honorarium and we use some money to fund SciCATS material development, like original artwork and videos. If the facilitators need to travel to get to the workshop, travel costs on top of the workshop's base price are necessary. Contact us for more information.


4. Can I run my own workshop?

Of course! That's what the Module Facilitator Guides and Slide Decks are for! Have fun! And let us know how it went!


5. How do I book the SciCATS?

Send us an email and we'll work on a date!

Interested in hosting a SciCATS workshop? 

If you'd like the SciCATS to come to you, we'd be happy to design a custom workshop to fit your needs. Check out some of our previous events at the SciCATS Slideshare Site, and read on for more detail.


1. What sorts of workshops does SciCATS provide?

If it's related to science communication, we can do it! Our Modules page lists the various lessons we've put together – each module features a slide deck and a facilitator's guide that you can preview to get a sense of what we'll cover. The modules are designed to flex from 15-45min depending on the number of interactive activities. You might be interested in a short, one-hour Introduction to Science Communication - we can do that! Many groups opt for a 90-180min session covering some of the basics - we recommend a mix of Why Communicate Science, Understanding Your Audience, Finding Your Message, A Lesson on Language, and Telling Your Science as a Story. We can also fill an entire day with content!