Jennifer Gardy
Founder Cat

Jennifer is an Assistant Professor at UBC who sequences cootie DNA to understand disease outbreaks. When not rooting around in germ genomes, she is busy communicating science as a television presenter, a children's book author, and a keynote speaker. Jennifer has one cat (Danny). 


Twitter: @jennifergardy

Instagram: jennifergardy


Christine Ackerley
Knowledge Translation Cat

Christine is a communicator who helps big ideas thrive, and works to coordinate the Cities Changing Diabetes partnership programme in Vancouver. When she’s not moving research evidence into action, she dorks out over knowledge translation and organizes events for BC communicators. She has a pet-sized hole in her heart.


Twitter: @chris_ack


Nicole Balsdon
Museum Educator Cat

Nicole is the Education & Outreach Coordinator at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, where her team brings natural history specimens and biodiversity science to life. When she's not surrounded by specimens, Nicole can be found with the Lower Mainland Museum Educators, nerding out about program evaluation, or distracted by plants and animals in the great outdoors. Nicole has a big black cat, named Kirk.


Twitter: @nlittlemore


Kaylee Byers
Matthew Cimone
Erin Marshall
Public Scholar Cat
Documentary Film Cat
Highschool Outreach Cat

Matthew Cimone grew up watching too much Star Trek and came to believe that life is all about exploring the universe and doing good where you can. He is the producer of Chasing Atlantis, a documentary in post-production about humanity's fascination with space and space exploration. When not interviewing scientists and sci-fi writers, you can find him volunteering at the new Trottier Observatory at Simon Fraser University.

Twitter 1: @nobordfromorbit

Twitter 2: @chasingatlantis

Kaylee is a PhD Candidate at UBC where she studies all things urban rats – where they are, where they’re going, and the diseases they carry! When not out on rat safaris, Kaylee co-hosts Nerd Nite Vancouver with SciCat Michael Unger. Kaylee has one cat, Gizmo. Or, more accurately, Gizmo has one human – Kaylee.


Twitter: @kaylee_byers


Erin is a PhD student at the BC Cancer Research Centre who spends most of her time studying the genomes of lung tumours and figuring out why they exist in the first place. Though she loves the lab, she also enjoys running, hiking, and teaching kids about genetics. She is also a dedicated helicopter-cat-mom to Oliver.  


Twitter: @TheLamLab

Instagram: _erinanne

Koby Michaels
Karissa Milbury
Armin Mortazavi
Journalism Cat
Social Media Cat
Cartoonist Cat

Koby is an undergraduate student at UBC where he founded The Ubyssey newspaper's science section. He teaches science and makes videos for Geering Up UBC, a STEM summer camp and outreach organization, and has been published by WBUR's CommonHealth and NPR. He's always looking for new and creative ways to make complicated stories understandable. 


Twitter: @kobymichaels

Instagram: kobymichaels


 Karissa is a PhD student and Public Scholar at UBC, where she uses yeast cells (yes, the same yeast that make beer) to learn about the types of DNA errors that can cause cancer. She's also a Fellow with the Future Science Leaders program at the Telus World of Science. When she isn't sciencing, Karissa enjoys hiking long distances, gardening with limited success, baking with weird ingredients, and being snarky on the internet. Her landlady's orange tabby, having recently claimed the patio, now appears to be moving into the rest of the apartment.


Twitter: @Point_Mutation

Instagram: pointmutation

Interwebs: Backcountry Biologist

Armin is a science cartoonist with a bachelor's in microbiology and a master's in digital media. He likes dogs and poutine, and  he hopes to use storytelling and art to excite the world about science.


Instagram: armin.scientoonist

YouTube: The Scientoonist

Jared Stang
This Could Be You
Michael Unger
Teaching & Learning Cat
Host With The Most Cat

Jared is a physicist at UBC who studies how students learn physics and teaches large undergraduate physics courses. When not in the classroom, he enjoys creating positive science-based experiences for the public and learning to play the guitar.


Twitter: @StangJared

Michael is the Program Coordinator at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre where he leads a team of astronomy educators in a variety of presentations, and creates unique science related events. He is the co-host of Nerd Nite Vancouver with fellow Sci-Cat Kaylee Byers, where they bring science and pop culture talks to the bar. He is also on the board of the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge which gives university level engineering students a chance to build a satellite. He has a ghost cat named Dora who enjoyed watching Star Trek late at night when she was still cuddling on this earth.


Twitter: @michaeljunger

Instagram: michaeljohnunger


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