Before you jump in...

We've designed the SciCATS training to be modular - each lesson, or module, covers one particular aspect of science communication. Each module contains two resources – a Notes PDF with everything we think you need to know about a topic and a Slide Deck (with presenter notes) that you can adapt and use in your own teaching and mentoring. You can put the modules together in any order to create your own learning plan or workshop, and you are welcome to adapt and share the content we've created under the Creative Commons Attribution License (share and adapt to your heart's content, but please credit SciCATS).  

Okay, I'm ready! Where do I start?

That depends! If you're an instructor looking for some content to use in your own scicomm training, check out the modules and grab whatever materials strike your fancy. You'll find the slide decks and facilitator's guides to be most useful. If you're hoping to improve your own science communication, we recommend using the module handouts as a starting point! We'll have video versions of the modules up eventually to improve the self-directed learning experience.