The SciCATS (Science Communication Action Team, uh, Something) are a group of Vancouver-area science communicators (and cat fans) committed to making science communication training accessible to everyone. We believe that anyone, anywhere should be able to learn the how and the why of science communication, and that the internet - besides being a great place to watch cat videos – is the ideal medium for distributing science communication training materials for people to both learn from and use in their own teaching.


SciCATS was created by Jennifer Gardy in 2016 – often asked to give scicomm workshops, Jenn was frustrated when she had to decline invitations due to prior commitments. Her first thought was simply referring these invitations to a group of colleagues, but she realized that this imparted a certain workload – a whole lot of slide design – onto the (un)lucky delegates. Inspired by the great work that Software Carpentry does, Jenn figured the same could be done for scicomm – modular lessons, complete with teaching materials, that anyone, anywhere could access and use. She tapped a couple of friends to become the first SciCATS, and the team grew from there. 


SciCATs is a collective of science communicators providing free, open source, online, skills-based science communication training, resources, and in-person workshops.